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Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve

Located on Tobago, Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve is a 12-acre organic farm that grows citrus and other fruits and is a haven for birds, butterflies and iguanas. Visitors can stay at the property’s villas or tour the farm and nature reserve, which has been described as a bird watcher’s paradise. Visitors touring the estate are also encouraged to pick fruit grown there, such as mangoes, bananas, papaya, guava and West Indian cherries.

Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve has been hailed for being a model for sustainable eco-tourism, striking the balance between being a haven for wildlife while operating a tourism enterprise. In 2010 it won the World Environmental Green Leaf Award in the Green Space: Stimulating Green Thinking challenge. The reserve was featured on the front cover of the International Hummingbird Calendar from 2010 to 2012, as the property’s main attraction is the wide variety of hummingbirds visitors get to see.

The facility consists of environmentally-friendly accommodation, tropical gardens, an organic farm, a nature reserve, a covered bird observation centre, and a cottage-style home processing kitchen. Environmental sustainability runs throughout the operation as there are compost heaps across the property, ponds to encourage wildlife, and a large area is left uncut to create a natural environment for wildlife.

The reserve partners with the Tobago Tourism Agency to encourage school visits to encourage children to appreciate biodiversity and value nature. The reserve also processes orange marmalade, mango jam, mango chutney, dehydrated mangoes, mango wedges and guava jam.

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